SEC's Site

SEC's Site

Southeastern Electric Cooperative houses a fully functional Member Solar Station to the East of our facility.  Located on E. Highway 70 in Durant, OK, the Station is made up of 965 solar panels.  Each of these panels are about 3 foot x 6 foot and weigh around 55 pounds.  At each solar site, panels are arranged in rows and are oriented to west-south-west to maximize output later in the day to reduce the summer peak load.

Here are some interesting Solar Facts!


Aligns with what cooperatives do best:
Provides energy to its member-owners
Takes advantage of economies of scale
Engages members directly
Optimizes system for maximum value


Provides opportunities for member-consumers:
Member benefits from economies of scale
No physical intrusion on consumer’s premise
No additional third-party relationship


Shares in value of cooperatives’ grid integration of renewables

Cooperative Approach:
Power provider builds a large scale photovoltaic (PV) system
Offers many advantages for an electric cooperative due to the fit, flexibility and fairness of the model


Factors driving solar:
Rapid decrease in costs
Panels becoming more efficient
Non-module costs decreasing
Mass production